While Waiting for the Water Damage Restoration Crew in Springfield PA

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When it comes to water damage restoration in Springfield, PA and the surrounding areas, response time is critical to mitigating loss and stopping damage in its tracks. With the help of a professional like ServiceMaster by ARTec, you can be guaranteed a quick response to burst pipes, flooded basements and overflowing washing machines. Our emergency response hotline helps us arrive at the scene of the damage within 2-4 hours, but there are a few steps you can take until we arrive.

1) Cut off water at its source.
The quickest way to do this is to shut off the main water valve, which should stop the onslaught of water. This will keep the damage at a steady level and help in beginning the repair process. Minimize walking on wet floor or carpets to prevent even more damage.

2) Turn off circuit breakers.
Only do this if the circuit breaker is not in the flooded area. If it is safe to do so, remove small electronics from the area such as space heaters, hair dryers and other items. To prevent the risk of electrocution, do not try to remove the water from your building with a wet/dry vacuum or other similar devices.

3) Remove furniture.
Empty out the room as much as is safely possible. If you can’t remove a couch or large piece of furniture, at least try to slip a sheet of tin foil between the legs and the water damaged carpets. This will create a barrier and help stop damage. When draperies and curtains are concerned, pin the fabrics up and away from any sources of water.

4) Make some room.
Professional disaster restoration companies will have professional grade equipment and it will be large! As much as you can, make extra large pathways or empty out adjacent rooms. Now would also be a good time to move fragile items to a safer place.

5) Don’t use fans immediately.
There are different types of water that may need to be dealt with. Clean water from a sink pipe needs to be treated differently compared to filthy and toxic water from a sewage drain back up. Unless you absolutely know the source of the water, do not use fans to dry the area as this can spread contaminated air to other areas of your home, creating an unhealthy environment.

When ServiceMaster by ARTec arrives on the scene, you can expect friendly, professional service, in addition to our quick response. For water damage restoration in Springfield, Villanova, King of Prussia and surrounding Philadelphia areas, contact us immediately!

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