What Water Damage Does to Wood and What That Means for Your West Chester, PA Home

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Water damage impacts all materials differently. It may wash away paint, yellow or brown wallpaper, and with the right amount of force, displace the sturdiest foundation. There isn’t a housing material on earth that’s safe from the effects of persistent water damage, and that includes wood. Our water damage repair team here at ServiceMaster by ARTec wants West Chester, PA homeowners to know how to spot signs of water damage on wooden surfaces before the power of water does what it does best and leaves you picking up the pieces.

Unlike some surfaces, water damage can leave many different colored stains on wood. Water damage on wooden floors, ceilings, and walls can present as a dark blotch but then fade into an ashy white color over time. If the wood is originally light the water damage may make it darker, and visa-versa. Once a water damage stain has set in it can be very difficult to remove without professional assistance. If you’ve started to see signs of discoloration on wood surfaces in your home, it may indicate you require water damage repair services.

After staining has occurred you may also see physical destruction. Water damage can cause wood to expand, split, and curl. Thanks to wood’s porosity, water can seep into its fibrous surface and push the wood apart. In some cases, this may result in a bend or a sort of bump, but in extreme cases it can lead to cracks and curls. Water damage repair requires a delicate touch to prevent damage to the surrounding areas. If you see signs of bending or buckling, call us immediately for quick assistance.

And finally, thanks to water’s corrosive nature, a pervasive or ongoing water damage issue can severely deteriorate wood over time. Just as rivers erode the earth around them, constant contact with water can slowly degrade the integrity of your wooden surfaces. This can impact home stability and cause further damage. If you’ve noticed loose boards, broken panels, or any signs of wood damage, you may be looking at a water damage repair project in the making.

If your West Chester, PA house is showing signs of water damage on or around your wooden surfaces, contact the water damage repair professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec for additional information on how to stop water damage in its tracks. Call us today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here.


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