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Winter has had free reign to wreak havoc along the East Coast this year. Consecutive, seemingly never-ending record and near-record snowfalls have completely buried much of the area, leaving many residents and snow removal workers to wonder “Where do I put all this snow?”

Well, prepare yourself, because what comes down in frozen form will melt when temperatures eventually begin to rise again. Snow melt brings with it a real concern for water damage and water damage restoration expenses in West Chester, PA and the surrounding areas.

Thankfully, melting snow shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it’s a recurring spring phenomenon. You can take steps to prevent water damage in the weeks prior to the great spring thaw.

In addition to roofs and ceilings, a home’s basement is the most likely area to experience water damage. Snow melt can seep its way into weak spots and cracks in the foundation, or dribble around and through poorly sealed basement windows. If possible, identify these weak spots and either seal them yourself or call in a professional.

Clear as much snow as possible from around the perimeter of your home. As snow melts, it becomes heavier and can push its way into even minuscule cracks and loose siding. Once melt water finds its way into your home, water damage usually isn’t far behind.

Also, keep the contact information for ServiceMaster by ARTec handy just in case you do find your home in need of water damage restoration. We possess the water damage restoration skills necessary to help your home recover from water damage before it becomes a truly unmanageable mess. With our materials and equipment, we can quickly dispose of water and dry all surfaces before conducting an extensive cleaning of affected areas. Once clean, we go about performing structural repairs where possible.

Don’t let the eventual spring thaw catch you unaware. Take the necessary steps to keep water from invading and causing water damage to your home. If you do, unfortunately, experience water damage, for whatever reason, please give the water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec an immediate call. We’ll dry it up, clean it up, and get your home back to comfy, dry and cozy as quickly as possible!

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