ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares 3 Winter-Specific Disaster Restoration Events Philadelphia, PA Residents Should Look Out For

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Disaster restoration events happen year-round, but some are caused by specific elements of each individual season. Today, ServiceMaster by ARTec wants to share some winter-specific dangers to look out for.

Burst Pipes

Homes across the east coast, including Philadelphia, PA, have been experiencing an increase of burst pipe catastrophes due to freezing temperatures.

The reason why pipes burst due to freezing is simple – water takes up less space in liquid form and expands when frozen. Sparing you the details, the water molecules expand and become too much for your pipes to handle. The expansion pushes the water towards a closed faucet, and the increase in pressure eventually causes the pipe to burst.

Burst pipes often happen in the areas of you home that don’t have the best insulation or none at all such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces.

The best way to remedy against this catastrophe is to make sure your pipes are properly insulated in every area of your home. You can also periodically let your faucets run to keep the water flowing.

Ice Dams

Ice dams form on the eaves of your roof, and although they may look harmless, they can cause serious amounts of damage. Ice dams cause melt water flowing down your roof to backup and eventually find a different route downwards. Unfortunately, this route is often under the shingles and then into your home. Over time, this seeping water saturates everything it comes into contact with.

Some signs ice dams have caused water damage in your home are:

  • Rust spots on drywall fasteners
  • Peeled paint
  • Sagging drywall and stains near windows and doors


Compounding the problem, if water damage caused by ice dams goes unchecked, it can turn into mold damage, which presents a host of new problems including health risks.

To prevent ice dams, you actually want to keep your attic cold. You can do this by closing attic bypasses, increasing attic insulation levels, and adding roof and soffit vents.

The last two events leading to disaster restoration efforts involved water damage. Are there types of fire damage specific to winter conditions?

Heating Systems

Faulty heating systems cause many fires during the winter. Primarily, portable heating systems such as space heaters pose the most risk.

The main causes of fires due to portable heating systems are:

  • Lack of regular cleaning – Chemical buildup can become combustible and hazardous, which is why you should follow the proper cleaning protocols for your portable heater
  • Proximity – You must be careful not to place a portable heating system near something highly combustible or flammable
  • Incorrect use of equipment – Any heating system involving the use of fuel or liquid must be treated carefully


The need for disaster restoration remains consistent year-round, which is why we’re dedicated to being the type of disaster restoration company who can handle any job at any time.

If you’re in need of disaster restoration services in Philadelphia, PA, please contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately at (610) 626-9002.

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