Why You Should Have Your West Chester, PA, Carpets Cleaned Instead of Trying to Replace Them

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Are your carpets simply not looking as great as they used to?

Life happens, and your carpets will certainly bear the brunt of it over time. Holiday parties, kids, pets, and household accidents can all lead to a carpet that seems to have overstayed its welcome.

Your first reaction may be to start fresh and replace all of your carpets.

It’s a costly move, but you figure it’s worth having a new look and feel to your home or business and not having to look at those nasty stains anymore.

What if we told you there was a way to have carpets that look as good as new for less than the cost of replacing them?

If you work with the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec to have your West Chester, PA, carpets cleaned, we’ll help you do just that.


We’ve Never Seen a Stain We Couldn’t Handle 

Maybe you rented a machine to clean your carpets that didn’t quite remove all of the stains. Maybe you think the stains in your carpet are so bad they’re beyond cleaning.

The carpet cleaning experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec beg to differ. We’ve spent a ton of time, energy, and resources to discover exactly what machinery and cleaning solutions are required to remove even the worst of stains.

When you have the carpets cleaned in your West Chester, PA, home or business, you can rest assured knowing the best equipment available will be used.

We also use a multi-step treating process that pinpoints problem areas and eradicates the stains. Simply put, those stains don’t stand a chance.


Having Your Carpets Cleaned Will Save You Money

Like we stated before, having your carpets replaced can cost an arm and a leg. We want you to have your carpets cleaned while still leaving some change in those pockets.

Plus, having your carpets cleaned actually counteracts wear and tear, making your carpets last even longer.


Make the Smart Choice 

We love the idea that you were thinking about replacing your carpets. It means you care about the look of your home or business and you’re willing to act.

Once you see the new look of the carpets in your West Chester, PA, home or business after they’ve been professionally cleaned, you’ll be convinced you made the right choice.

To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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