Why Experience Is Considered a Valuable Asset During Disaster Restoration Work

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When a natural disaster strikes in Media, PA, it can cause a lot of damage and destruction to homes. In such situations it’s necessary to hire the trained and experienced professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec to conduct the disaster restoration services. Here, we’ll explore the reasons why it’s important to hire only experienced technicians for these tasks.

Disaster Restoration and the Value of Experience

By hiring experienced professionals for this work, you’ll have the assurance that all the tasks will be performed in the right manner and costly mistakes will be avoided.

 Selection of Cleaning Methods

Our experts are aware of the fact that in some situations specialized cleaning is the right procedure to utilize. For example, if any antique item is to be cleaned, special care is to be taken to maintain its antiquity. Let’s look at an example to explain this fact.

Suppose there’s an antique tea pot made of silver having a dull coating which gives the pot its antique value. If technicians don’t have the required experience, they may utilize normal cleaning procedures, and while cleaning the pot, they’ll remove the dull coating. If such a thing happens, the tea pot will completely lose its antique value.

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge to carefully decide how certain things are to be cleaned and will select a proper procedure to accomplish the desired results.

Selection of Packing Techniques

Another important task that our experts perform after any natural disaster is the pack-out of your valuable belongings so they can be taken to our disaster restoration firm’s off-site location for proper cleaning, restoration, and secured storage.

If restoration technicians don’t have the required experience, mistakes can happen during pack-out. For instance, if wine bottles are packed too closely in a box, it may result in scuffed labels. Such a thing will happen when bottles rub against each other during transit.

Our experienced technicians understand that wine gets fifty percent of its value from its label and they need to ensure the labels don’t get damaged because of improper packing.

To summarize, it can be said that costly mistakes can be avoided during disaster restoration when experienced technicians are hired for the work. ServiceMaster by ARTec has technicians with vast experience in performing restoration tasks after natural calamities.

If your home requires restoration services after a natural disaster, contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002. Our experts will quickly reach your home in Media, PA, evaluate the condition, and develop a strategy to restore your home in the best possible manner.

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