3 Crystal Clear Signs It’s Time to Have Your West Chester, PA, Carpets Cleaned by ServiceMaster by ARTec

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ServiceMaster by ARTec wants to give you as much information as we can to help make your decisions as easy as possible.

We provide disaster restoration services such as water and fire damage restoration in West Chester, PA. In those cases, there’s not much of a debate as to whether or not these services are necessary. In an emergency, you act quickly.

When it comes to other items involving your West Chester, PA, home or business, there can be a tendency to “sit on the fence” and mull over whether or not you should use a professional for a service, like having your carpets cleaned.

You know the benefits of having your carpets cleaned, but is now the right time?

Today we want to share some crystal clear signs to work with ServiceMaster by ARTec to have your carpets cleaned:

  • Memories – When was the last time you had your carpets cleaned? If your memory is a little fuzzy on the last time it happened, that almost certainly means it’s time. As a rule of thumb, you should have your carpets cleaned at least every six months to maintain their quality, look, and durability. As time passes, your carpets wear down. Do them a favor and have them cleaned as soon as possible.
  • That stain – Have you ever had a stain that just catches your eye every time you walk past it? It’s the one you’ve tried to get rid of multiple times with no success. It’s a stubborn, persistent, ugly little patch of discoloration that’s almost haunting. If you can see the stain, so can people who visit your home or business. Is that the first thing you want them to notice about your residence or place of business? Have your carpets cleaned and get rid of that pesky stain for good.
  • Replacement – If you’re considering having your carpets replaced because they’re in poor condition, you should first talk with our experts about having them professionally cleaned. Having your carpets cleaned can make them look and feel new again, for a fraction of what it would cost to replace them.

There’s one more bonus sign to consider: If you came to this website and you’re reading this blog post, it’s pretty apparent you’re both interested in and need to have your carpets cleaned!

What you do next is simple. Pick up the phone, give us a call at (610) 626-9002, and schedule an appointment. Once we’re done and you see how phenomenal your carpeting looks after a thorough, professional cleaning, you’ll be sure you made the right choice!

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