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As the seasons change in West Chester, PA, so do the risks to your family home. In the winter, you may struggle with ice dams, burst pipes, and snow-damaged rooftops, but in the spring, you may contend with wild thunderstorms, allergen-laden vents, and high winds. As long as the planet rotates, so do the events that put your house at risk. Luckily, the impact of some spring weather events such as flooding can be handled by water damage repair specialists like those at ServiceMaster by ARTec. The trick is catching the signs of water damage vulnerability before the big spring storms begin to hit.


When it comes to water damage, the first major rain can be your best friend. It might not feel that way when water is dribbling down your walls, but minor water damage events like this can reveal vulnerabilities in your home that you never would have found otherwise. A large part of water damage repair is mitigation and maintenance. If you know that your roof, attic, basement, or any other part of your home is vulnerable to water damage, then you’ll be able to take action before a major storm occurs.


Some signs of water damage vulnerabilities include actively flowing water where it shouldn’t be; staining on walls, ceilings, and floors; and mold growth. If any of these symptoms occur, having a consultation with water damage repair specialists could be the difference between some irritating staining after a storm and a full-fledged house flood.


If water damage is left untreated, not only could you be at risk for more flooding, but you could also be putting yourself in the path of house mold, damaged home infrastructure, and health complications arising from damp, mildewed environments. Even a small symptom can worsen exponentially if left to its own devices, and with rapidly expanding damage comes a rapidly growing price tag. Identifying water damage repair spots before the weather becomes turbulent is one of the best mitigation techniques homeowners have at their disposal.


If your West Chester, PA, home has been impacted by a spring storm or you require any other type of water damage repair, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for more information on our water damage team and services. Call today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here!


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