Water Damage Restoration in Philadelphia, PA: What are Ice Dams?

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The water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec are glad to provide you with useful information to protect your home.

If you’ve been following our posts, you know the importance of making sure your home is protected against water damage.

If you’re a Philadelphia, PA homeowner, the last thing you want to worry about is going through the water damage restoration process.

In a previous post we covered some ways to help prevent water damage in the wintertime. These preventative tips covered the usual causes of water damage such as frozen pipes.

Today we’re going to tell you about a lesser-known culprit which can potentially cause extensive water damage to your home. They’re called ice dams.

What are Ice Dams?

Ice dams are formed on sloping rooms in cold climates. The winter weather causes snow to accumulate on your roof. When the weather gets a bit warmer, the snow can melt and run down into your gutters.

Once the snow reaches your gutters it can freeze again, which can lead to potential water damage. These ice dams can block water flow into your gutters, which can cause the water to leak through the roof decking or wall sheathing. The leaking can cause damage to attics, ceilings, walls, and floors.

Signs to look out for.

 If there are areas of thick ice on the edge of the eaves of the roof or covering the gutters, you have an ice dam problem. Gutters and downspouts that may have been draining correctly can freeze solid during frigid weather, especially at night, and hasten the formation of ice dams.

Icicles are another sign of ice dams. While some icicle formation can be normal, massive icicles generally indicates a massive ice dam problem.

What To Do Next

Time is of the essence when it comes to mitigating water damage. If ice dams have formed on your roof, your home could be at risk.

You may think it isn’t urgent to assess potential water damage, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

Water damage can lead to more serious problems such as mold growth. The problem continues to grow as time passes.

Check your home to make sure your attic is properly insulated. If you can, remove snow from your roof by using a roof rake that is specifically designed for this task.

If your home does suffer water damage, please call the professional water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec in Philadelphia, PA today.

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