How ServiceMaster by ARTec Handles the Complexities of Drying during Water Damage Restoration

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Water damage from a storm or flood can result in severe damage to your home and belongings. If that happens, trust the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec in Media, PA, to carry out effective and quick water damage restoration.


In this post we’ll learn how our experts ensure effective drying for different spaces and materials.


Water Damage Restoration and Achieving the Required Level of Drying

Our experts know that if optimum drying results are to be achieved, they need to properly control humidity, heat, and air flow.


Our water damage restoration technicians closely monitor the installation of air movers, both during the initial stages and while the drying process is going on, to fully leverage the flow of air.


We also adjust the placement as well as the number of air movers by evaluating various psychrometric readings and measurements to accomplish faster drying.


Establish Continuous Air Flow

As part of water damage mitigation, our experts maintain a continuous and stable air flow across all wet surfaces and decrease velocity of air flow as water evaporates from a surface.


We also follow the techniques specified in the S500 standard for the calculation of air flow required during the initial stages of any water damage cleanup work. The calculation utilizes the following parameters and steps:


  • Air movers are to be installed in all the affected rooms
  • One extra air mover is to be installed for every fifty to seventy square feet of wet flooring
  • Extra air movers are to be added for every 100 to 150 square feet of wall area above two feet and also for wet ceilings
  • If any wall offset or inset is over 18 inches, an additional air mover is to be installed


Additionally, our water damage restoration technicians utilize their experience and knowledge to address different circumstances they may face.


For instance, if the bottom part of a wall is the main wet surface but the flooring has not been affected, our experts install air movers at a distance of every fourteen linear feet of the affected wall.


Carry Out Necessary Adjustments

Our water damage cleanup technicians understand the necessity of adjusting as well as changing the airflow.


In case of deeply held water, our experts reduce vapor pressure and airflow velocity after the surface water evaporates. In addition, adjustments are made in air flow when building materials start drying.


We make required adjustments in placement, type, and number of air movers according to the moisture readings of materials in a room.


Check Effectiveness of Air Movers

We take different measurements to judge the effectiveness of air movers. Relative humidity and temperature readings are taken to judge if the desired results are being achieved.


Similarly, we use a hygrometer to check whether the required airflow has been created. If complex assemblies exist, our water damage restoration experts make sure that needed air flow has been created for hard-to-reach locations.


Water damage restoration can be an extremely complex task with many requirements to manage different complexities. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the vast experience to perform water damage cleanup work and take care of all complexities that may arise. Call us at (610) 626-9002 for prompt and thorough service in Media, PA.

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