ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares the Wide Range of Services Involved in Water Damage Repair for Media, PA Homeowners

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All water damage repair services aren’t created equal.

Depending on the company, the range of services provided may differ from one to another. As a Media, PA resident in need of water damage repair services, it’s important to know what each company offers to ensure they can handle your specific situation.

ServiceMaster by ARTec prides itself on having an extensive range of services. We want to make sure you’ll be taken care of regardless of the source or nature of the water damage that has occurred.

Today, we’ll share a few of the different services we offer as part of our water damage repair. If you’re ever in need, please contact us immediately. We’re sure we’ll be able to help.

  • Emergency electrical services – When water damage impacts the electrical system of your Media, PA home, it can be complicated and dangerous to deal with, which is why you should put the job in the hands of professionals. Our staff of trained technicians have the expertise to deal with the wiring of your home and bring it back to its pre-loss state
  • Emergency deodorization and disinfection – When your home experiences water damage, the chemical situation can escalate rather quickly. Water itself isn’t harmful, but when mixed with all of the potential substances, debris, and contaminants in your home, it poses a risk. We’ll work to quickly remove the water from your home, dry affected areas effectively, plus use our own formulated disinfectant to rid your home of all potentially harmful substances as soon as possible
  • Emergency plumbing services – Water damage is often the result of a leaky or burst pipe. We can remove the water, complete the water damage repair, and repair the problem that caused the damage to prevent it from happening again

These are just a handful of the services we can provide with our water damage repair. Along with emergency plumbing and electrical services, we offer a full range of construction services to deal with damage of varying levels. Plus, while we’re performing the water damage repair services, we can transport the unaffected items in your home to a safe location with our content pack out services.

The bottom line is this – in your time of need, we can cover the restoration process from start to finish.

If your home needs water damage repair services, please contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately at (610) 626-9002.

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