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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides winter water damage restoration in Ardmore, PA.

With the holiday season now largely behind us, thoughts turn to other things. For two months you’ve been obsessing about turkey and stuffing, and buying gifts, and then turkey and stuffing again, followed in short order by New Year’s Eve celebrations.

After all that food, fun, family, and friends, you’re considering a much-needed vacation. Particularly when you’re looking towards the cold and bleak months of January and February, a long escape to warmer climates for a vacation is especially appealing. While Pennsylvania isn’t the ice cube that is, say, North Dakota, temperatures still dip down enough here to make a Florida vacation sound rather nice.

While you can transport yourself to warmer locations, your home has to stay back here in the Pennsylvania cold, and that can mean you return home to frozen and burst pipes.

After a nice, long, relaxing vacation, returning to a flooded house due to burst pipes is not the welcome home you were envisioning. Now you’re confronted with the realities of water damage and water damage restoration in Ardmore and Pennsylvania, PA.

To prevent water damage due to burst pipes, take a few simple precautions before embarking on a long winter absence from your home. First and foremost, turn off the main water valve to your home. Once that’s turned off, run the faucets throughout the home until no more water comes out of any of them.  Finally, in places where pipes are hidden from sight within cupboards, open the cupboard doors so the maximum amount of heat can reach them.

Should your home experience the scourge of water damage, you can call on the water damage restoration experts in Ardmore, PA: ServiceMaster by ARTec. We have extensive experience when it comes to helping home recover from water damage. We rely on proven techniques to dry surfaces when possible, including drying sheet rock and natural wood surfaces. We do everything we can to preserve as much of the original structure and material to minimize your water damage expenses.

Vacations and time away from home are a necessary part of getting through long winter months, but they shouldn’t become a water damage nightmare when you return. Protect your home before you leave, but if you return home to the unthinkable water damage due to frozen and burst pipes, call in ServiceMaster by ARTec right away.

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