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Water disasters come with all manner of consequences that in the heat of the moment might be all too easy to disregard. As water streams into your King of Prussia, PA home it’s hard not to focus solely on removing the water as quickly as possible, whatever it takes. However, water damage recovery entails much more than simply “getting the water out,” and without professional expertise, you might be unintentionally making some choices that are risky to yourself and your family. The sanitation experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec offer emergency disinfection services to guarantee your home will be flood-water free and safe to inhabit as soon as possible after a disaster.


Unlike most other home disasters, water damage brings with it a very distinct side effect: water is a carrier. Regardless of where it originated, water can carry with it the remnants of where it was. In some cases, this might just be soil or sediment. In other cases, it could mean bacteria and particles that put you at risk of serious infection. Without thorough emergency disinfection, those particles can remain in your home to be inhaled, touched, and ingested without your knowledge.


It’s difficult to overstate the potential dangers that water damage can pose to a person’s health. Anything that touches the water can be diffused into it, and even a small amount of contact can impact you directly. This might mean a small cut getting a serious infection, or toxic waste being introduced into your system via accidental contact or ingestion. Even after water damage dries, some of these risks can still be left behind.


Emergency disinfection is a process that water damage experts employ to ensure your home and family are safe from these side effects. With intense, deep cleaning and extreme attention to detail, water damage professionals scrub and cleanse all impacted areas until they are once again safe to inhabit. Preventing contact with flood water is always a good idea for non-professionals, but this can be frustrating if the damage itself doesn’t seem especially severe. It’s important to remember that emergency disinfectant professionals have the tools, training, and experience to safely and completely address the dangers that water damage can pose.


If your King of Prussia, PA home has been impacted by serious water damage, hesitate and reconsider before trying to clean it up on your own. Put your safety first and call the ServiceMaster by ARTec emergency disinfection team at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website for more information.

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