How Water Damage and Carpet Cleaning Go Hand-in-Hand in Media, PA

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Water damage in a Media, PA, home is never a cause for celebration, but there are certain cases where it’s just a bit worse than others. One of those cases is when water damage meets carpet. Carpet and water are a duo that should never be allowed to collaborate because of all the mischief they can create, and if your home has experienced major water damage, that mischief is multiplied. Requesting ServiceMaster by ARTec’s carpet cleaning professionals after a water damage incident can help prevent a bad situation from quickly becoming worse.


One big downside of experiencing water damage in a carpeted home is that you’ve basically introduced a large amount of water to a sponge. Even if you cross your fingers and hope that everything dries over time, without professional carpet cleaning, there’s a very good chance that residual moisture, germs, and spores will take up residence in those delicate fibers.


Once water damage has made contact with carpet, it becomes a race against time. The carpet fibers themselves can absorb water and grow mold quickly enough, but the thick padding underneath is at risk as well, and without professional assistance, it can be tough to tell if that lower level is truly dry enough. Carpet cleaning after a water disaster can kill germs, remove mold spores, and introduce powerful artificial drying techniques to the situation as quickly as possible. If left unattended, carpet that has suffered water damage can transform into a damp-smelling, moldy nightmare.


Even if the water damage in question was contained to a small carpeted area, carpet cleaning should still be requested quickly to prevent smells, mold growth, and discoloration from occurring. Some damage to carpets is very difficult to reverse after it has time to set, but with quick action, the worst of the damage may be completely preventable.


If your Media, PA, home was impacted by water damage and you require a professional carpet cleaning intervention, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for information on our water damage restoration services.  Call us at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here today for information on water damage and carpet cleaning options.

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