Can ServiceMaster by ARTec Use Upholstery Cleaning Services to Save Your Furniture After a Disaster in New Castle, DE?

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The moments immediately after a major disaster are the most stressful, chaotic, and problematic.

If you’ve just suffered water damage, the full extent of it could still be unknown. Will you need to replace your pipes? Will the water damage turn to mold? Will the damage be insured? These are just a few of the questions spinning around in your mind.

In terms of fire damage, you may wonder how much smoke and soot damage has made its way around the home, what structural repairs might be needed, or whether your precious collections and heirlooms can be restored.

And after the questions come the decisions. What are you supposed to do about the damage?

Today we’re going to talk about an important piece of your home to consider: your furniture.

Whether it’s been damaged by smoke or fire, you might be wondering if you should just part ways with your furniture or if upholstery cleaning services would be the best choice.

Maybe it’s just better to start over with new furniture, right? Maybe, but what if we told you that your furniture could not only be restored, but also made to look new again?

Our disaster restoration process starts the same way regardless of the disaster itself.

After you call us, we’ll arrive on the scene within hours.

First, we’ll examine your Wilmington or New Castle, DE, home to see the extent of the damage. Then we’ll create the best possible plan for you.

 In certain cases the damage might, in fact, be too much for upholstery cleaning services to handle, but in many cases your furniture is more than salvageable.

It’s just furniture, right? Why go through all the trouble to restore it when you can start over again?

That furniture was where you watched romantic comedies with your spouse, played with your kids, and looked at photography scrapbooks. It was a central piece in many of the memories you shared in your Wilmington or New Castle, DE, home.

Starting over is great, but holding onto cherished pieces of your home is too.

If ServiceMaster by ARTec can restore your peace of mind, your furniture, and the way things used to be all at the same time, why not let us?

If we find that upholstery cleaning services is a great choice for your home, trust us, because we’ve seen enough situations to know.

If your home suffers a disaster of any kind, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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