Why Upholstery Cleaning Matters for New Castle, DE, Residents

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At ServiceMaster by ARTec, we provide a range of services, including carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

We’re sure you know there are benefits to upholstery cleaning, but they may seem a little less tangible than the benefits of carpet cleaning.

With a carpet, you can picture the damage occurring to it as well as the need to have it cleaned. You walk on your carpet. You spill on your carpet. If you have young kids, they crawl around and play on your carpet (likely with hands and feet that are less than immaculately cleaned). Dirt and grime that get tracked in from outside can find their way onto your carpet.

What about your furniture?

You just sit on it. You’re not tracking mud on your sofa or wearing down the fabric of your sofa with foot traffic. Therefore, an upholstery cleaning service is a little less urgent, right?

Think again.

Your upholstery accumulates debris just like your carpet although they may be from different sources.

Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Dead skins cells – It may not be pleasant to think about, but humans shed a ridiculous amount of dead skin cells, which will accumulate in your furniture leading to the inevitable degradation of its fibers.
  • Oil – Our skin produces oil, which is transferred onto upholstery via contact with it.
  • Dust – Isn’t it odd how you never actually see dust mobilizing itself to various areas of your home? Yet it does. If you dust areas of your home like wood surfaces, wouldn’t it also make sense to deal with the dust accumulating on your upholstery?

Routine upholstery cleaning helps remove the various particles in your furniture.

Why is this important?

People almost never realize the true point at which the quality of their furniture took a turn for the worse. Often, people don’t act until the damage is noticeable or irreparable.

You can be different.

You can care for your New Castle, DE, home with regular upholstery cleaning to keep your furniture fresher for longer, extend its life, and improve the ambiance of your home.

To learn more about upholstery cleaning or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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