Top Reasons Why Fire Damage Cleanup is Not a DIY Task

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After a fire, everyone in the family will be in a state of distress, and you may want to start the fire damage cleanup work yourself. As tempting as this may be, it’s best to hire ServiceMaster by ARTec in New Castle, DE for professional and thorough cleanup instead of doing this difficult task yourself.

Today, we’ll explore the reasons why fire damage restoration is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) task.

 Lack of Knowledge About Unknown Risks

If there are hazardous items in your home, special procedures are required to deal with them. It’s unlikely you’ll be aware of such specialized procedures, and any attempt to work with them without the necessary knowledge can be extremely risky.

One example that highlights the risks you may have to face when performing cleanup on your own includes materials that ignite spontaneously. At times, charcoal briquets that have become damp can ignite spontaneously. For example, water used to douse the fire can make briquets damp, and they may ignite while you’re handle them during cleanup.

Experienced fire damage repair experts are aware of these risks, and as such, they place and store damp briquets in non-combustible and fully covered containers and follow proper procedures to dispose of these briquets in the right manner.

 Lack of Knowledge of Correct Procedures

If the right procedure is not selected, the desired results cannot be achieved during fire damage cleanup. Let’s go through some examples:


  • Soot Stains: For cleaning soot stains, it’s necessary to analyze the things that have soot stains and select a proper cleaner accordingly. As a homeowner, it will be difficult for you to understand the differences, and mistakes can happen. For example, if a water-based cleaning product is selected for cleaning plaster walls, it can cause the bleeding of stains.
  • Right Procedures: For selecting the right procedures, it’s necessary to examine the different aspects of the fire including the temperature the fire reached, materials that burned, and how much oxygen was available during fire. Only a trained professional will have the experience and knowledge to examine these crucial details.


It can’t be stated enough how important it is to hire an experienced team for fire damage cleanup. The experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec have the required training and industry knowledge to understand the situation and select the proper and required procedures that will provide the desired results. If your home requires fire damage cleanup, contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002. We’ll quickly dispatch a team to your home in New Castle, DE to check the severity of the fire damage and start the necessary restoration work.

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