Tips from ServiceMaster by ARTec to Help Avoid Fire Damage Restoration in the New Castle, PA Area

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Now that we’re nearing the end of winter in the New Castle, Pennsylvania area, it’s tempting to start looking ahead to spring. We still have, however, a few more weeks of winter ahead. Statistically, winter has the highest rate of fire and fire damage. So, before you start looking ahead to the warmer months ahead, make sure that your home remains safe. ServiceMaster by ARTec wants you to be aware of a few common causes of winter fire damage and has a few tips on how to be properly prepared to help avoid the need for potential fire damage restoration.

Watch for Winter Storms

Although the most common type of winter storm will likely involve either a lot of water or snow, they can cause severe damage and even fire within your home. Keep an eye on the weather, and make sure your home is prepared for increased risks of severe winter weather!

Extinguish Candles

Especially following the season of gift exchanges, you might have quite a few new candles scattered around your home, waiting to fill the air with the wonderful aromas of vanilla or pine. Just make sure that you burn these safely, and extinguish the flame before you leave the room. Unattended flames are dangerous, even if they appear small! The National Candle Association has some excellent tips available to help keep you and your home safe while burning candles!

Update Generators

Although these can be a lifesaver in the midst of a severe weather event, generators have to be maintained in order to remain effective. Make sure to check that it is operational and up-to-date before you turn on the generator, and follow the operational directions carefully to ensure there is no potential for accidental fire damage.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide

Fires can create carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, and overexposure to carbon monoxide can be lethal. As with properly working smoke detectors, you should always have properly functioning carbon monoxide detectors in your home to help keep you and your family safe.

Fire Damage Restoration

If you’re looking to avoid winter fires or winter fire damage in the New Castle, Pennsylvania area, make sure to care for your home. Even though spring is just around the corner, we’re not out of the cold just yet!

For additional questions or concerns about winter fire damage or our winter fire damage restoration services, call the team at ServiceMaster by ARTec at (610) 626-9002 today!

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