Time for Some Good Old-Fashioned Mud!: Spring Carpet Cleaning in Media, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec | Spring Carpet Cleaning in Media, PA and surrounding areas

Spring is here! Finally, you can step outside without wearing more protective clothing than Neil Armstrong when he walked on the moon. Now, you can wear shorts, and sandals, and you can rummage in your storage shed and emerge with all the necessary tools and materials to clean and revitalize your lawn and gardens.

And then suddenly you find yourself standing ankle-deep in mud.

Ah, yes. Spring mud. It’s an inevitable component of the spring thaw and spring rains, but we humans always seem to push this unfortunate problem to the back of our minds in our hurry to greet the wonders of spring.

Spring mud has some strange properties associated with it, too. You could drag your feet along the grass and concrete for 40 minutes, but that spring mud will stubbornly stick to your shoes or sandals. But, the moment your shoes come into the briefest of contact with your carpet or hardwood floors, spring mud will immediately jump loose like paratroopers on D-Day.

While hard surface floor cleaning is a straightforward task, getting mud out of carpets and rugs can be a frustrating ordeal. Carpet cleaning in West Chester, PA requires much more than your average vacuum cleaner.

Do yourself a favor this spring and call in a professional carpet cleaning service provider who can bring state-of-the-art equipment and materials into your home or office to deeply clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery, and free it all of that stubborn, unsightly mud. ServiceMaster by ARTec has professionally-trained, experienced cleaning services teams on staff to thoroughly and efficiently perform all the necessary carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and general cleaning to ensure your commercial or residential space in West Chester, PA is just as fresh and clean as the spring air outside.

We offer our carpet cleaning services in Media, Philadelphia, West Chester, ad Ardmore, PA and the surrounding communities. Don’t let spring mud keep you from enjoying a spring that’s been all too long in coming. Give ServiceMaster by ARTec a call today for professional carpet cleaning!

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