Three Carpet Cleaning Myths New Castle, DE Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

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Keeping your carpet clean may seem like a relatively straightforward process. But there are some common myths and misconceptions that you should watch out for.

If you’re a New Castle, DE homeowner, keep the following items in mind the next time you’re considering when and how you should clean your carpets.

Myth 1 – “My carpet was installed recently. All I need to do to maintain it is vacuum.” Tiny dirt particles unseen by the naked eye begin to accumulate in your carpets immediately. You may think you don’t need professional carpet cleaning until there are several noticeable stains. In order to keep these microscopic particles from causing wear and tear on your carpet fibers, you should use professional carpet cleaning services to reach those deeper areas that vacuums simply miss.

Myth 2 – “I don’t need to use professional carpet cleaning services. I can do it myself.” We’re not saying that a do-it-yourself carpet cleaning effort will be in vain, but it just doesn’t compare to the thorough cleaning provided by a professional. All of our technicians are IICRC certified and have the knowledge and skills to do an amazing job.

Myth 3 – “All carpet cleaning companies are equal.” Notice how we mentioned our staff’s certifications? When choosing a company to perform carpet cleaning services, keep that IIRC certification in mind. If the company you’re looking at doesn’t proudly display that certification, this could be a potential red flag. The IICRC provides a thorough education in carpet cleaning and is known for having high standards. All technicians have to go through extensive field training in order to receive their certification. It does matter who you choose to provide carpet cleaning. Why not choose a company with decades of experience and the certifications to prove the quality of their work?

ServiceMaster by ARTec is an industry-leading provider of carpet cleaning services. If you’re in New Castle, DE and are looking for a company to provide the deep cleaning your carpet deserves, contact us today at 412-427-0086.

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