The Importance of Deep Cleaning in the Coronavirus Epidemic

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In the present situation where commercial establishments in Philadelphia, PA are gradually opening up, it’s becoming important for them to conduct thorough deep cleaning to minimize the spread of coronavirus. Here, we’ll look at the steps the experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec take to ensure proper cleaning to achieve this goal.

The Coronavirus Epidemic and Deep Cleaning

Reduction of Aerosolized Particulates
Our experts utilize AFDs (air filtration devices) fitted with HEPA filters and HEPA vacuuming to lower airborne particulate levels. The reduction of aerosolized particulates helps in improving cleaning effectiveness.

In addition, AFDs that are HEPA filtered are utilized as air scrubbers for reducing airborne particulates which normally get dislodged from surfaces while treatment procedures are carried out.

Ensuring Effective Results
To ensure effective results our experts wipe all surfaces to remove microorganisms, unwanted soil, and other contaminants prior to the application of a disinfectant. When applying a disinfectant, they carefully assess the surfaces, especially vertical surfaces, to prevent the disinfectant product from running or streaking to ensure the surface will remain wet for a specified dwell time.

Cleaning of Touch Points
During wiping of touch points, technicians try to utilize a pumping device that delivers the disinfectant in the form of a foam instead of a spray. However, such a technique is only used when delivering the disinfectant as a foam is a form of application allowed under Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registration.

The benefit of foam application is that it lets technicians clearly see the areas that have been covered and allows the disinfectant to remain over a particular surface for a longer duration without drying.

Use of Dust Control Methods
Special care is taken when any particular surface is wiped to make sure coronavirus doesn’t spread to other locations. To achieve this goal different dust control techniques are used that help in the suppression and capture of contaminants.

For instance, our experts ensure that floor surfaces don’t have any visible debris before disinfection work is started. To accomplish this task, they utilize methods such as HEPA vacuuming, damp mopping, and similar other techniques.

Techniques that are avoided include dust mopping, regular vacuuming, and sweeping, as these techniques can aerosolize dust and viral fragments.

Deep cleaning proves to be extremely beneficial in reducing the spread of coronavirus and other contaminants. ServiceMaster by ARTec is a company with vast experience in biohazard cleanup work and can ensure the right steps are being taken to achieve the desired results.

If you want your commercial establishment to receive a complete and thorough deep cleaning, contact us today at (610) 626-9002. Our team will visit your establishment in Philadelphia, PA and develop a plan of action to perform this crucial cleanup work.

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