The Effects of Mold in Your Springfield, PA Home and Business

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Odds are mold is growing somewhere in your Springfield, PA home or business. It’s shocking to hear, but mold is one of the most well hidden health-threatening nuisances in any building. This is not only bad for the infrastructure of your facility and home, but also puts you, your workers, and your family at risk for mold related illness and allergies. ServiceMaster by ARTec is prepared to help make mold problems and infestations a thing of the past.

The first thing to consider in removing mold from your home or business is where could the mold be hiding? We’ve compiled a list of the most common places mold grows in both homes and businesses. The biggest contenders are:

• Basements/Cellars
• Under sinks
• Bathrooms
• Papers/Old Filing Units
• Under Carpets
• Previously Flooded Buildings

Mold lurks in the nooks and carnies that you may not be able to access or haven’t seen in years! Old filing cabinets and archives in offices can oftentimes go untouched for months, even years at a time. Poorly ventilated filing systems tend to breed mold between the pages of old documents. Under sinks is another commonly missed mold growing ground. The dampness from plumbing makes it the ideal place for mold to flourish. If your building flooded at one point or another and was never properly cleaned, it’s almost guaranteed that you have mold somewhere in your building.

Why should you care? Mold can damage your health and ruin the building materials in your business and home. According to the CDC, these are a few of the symptoms of mold exposure:

• Rashes
• Respiratory Issues
• Potential Infection
• Headaches
• Wheezing
• Chronic Allergy Symptoms

Hopefully, you don’t have mold. It’s easily preventable with good home and workplace cleaning practices and proper disaster clean up. But, if mold is found, it should not be disregarded. The fast-growing invader needs to be dealt with swiftly and in the correct fashion. Basic disinfectant will not be enough to kill the mold and surrounding spores. Hiring a professional ServiceMaster team is the best bet in mold removal. The professionals will know where to look for mold, and they possess the required equipment and solutions to properly remove the mold.

ServiceMaster by ARTec not only offers residential and commercial cleaning plans to help keep mold at bay, but also emergency water damage and fire damage restoration 24 hours a day. Taking care of flood damage the moment it happens is the best way to prevent a mold invasion. With summer rolling around here in Springfield, PA, all the humidity is going to encourage even more mold growth. Stop the mold before things get out of control. Contact ServiceMaster by ARTec today to help keep your body, home, and business healthy.

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