The Challenges Professionals Face with Mold Cleanup

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Water damage is a problem that you may have to deal with after a natural disaster. The damage could be a result of flooding, heavy rains, leaky pipes, and so on. A large influx of water can result in damage to your home and your belongings. Besides the initial damage, water can also create later problems such as mold growth, making it necessary to hire mold cleanup experts like those at ServiceMaster ARTec. Our technicians in New Castle, DE, take all possible steps to remediate mold growth and ensure that the mold problem will not re-surface after their work is complete.

The following explores ways moisture builds up and how its condensation aggravates issues such as water damage and mold growth. We also discuss how condensation can be controlled to make sure mold issues do not return.

Water Damage and Resulting Mold Growth

The reasons for water damage can vary, from flooding of rivers and streams to heavy rains. Additionally, water damage can take place seemingly out of nowhere, which can be difficult for technicians to diagnose.

For example, the adhesive that joins your home’s concrete slab to your flooring may not have cured as required due to a dampness in the slab. If such a situation has occurred, then mold can start growing on the adhesive.

Likewise, if there is high humidity in the air and your exterior house wall is covered with vinyl wallpaper, then you may notice mold growth on the back of the wallpaper. This happens when the high humidity in the air begins to condense on the back of the wallpaper, providing an ideal condition for mold growth.

Aware of these problems, our experts promptly trace the mold growth even when a clearly identifiable source of water damage cannot be found.

How Can You Control Condensation?

Our experts understand that mold remediation becomes possible when condensation is managed properly. Since condensation is directly affected by the dew point, our mold cleanup experts analyze the dew point to see whether it’s higher than the surface temperature of colder objects. If they find that the dew point is higher, then they know that moisture will condense on colder surfaces.

Thus, our experts examine the dew point in your house, and if it is high, they try to determine the reason why. By fixing the high dew point, our technicians are able to minimize the chances of mold resurfacing after their cleanup work is complete.

Clearly, being proficient in controlling condensation and having professional knowledge about mold are important since our technicians want to perform mold cleanup in the most appropriate manner to achieve the most effective results. If you live in the New Castle, DE, area call ServiceMaster ARTec’s professional team at (610) 626-9002. Our technicians have the necessary experience to manage all the complexities involved in mold cleanup.

If you are facing a mold issue, just give us a call at (610) 626-9002, and our team will visit your New Castle, DE, home to analyze the severity of the mold problem and the underlying reasons for this issue. Then the team will devise a plan of action for effectively carrying out the mold cleanup.

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