Thanksgiving Day Fire Damage Prevention Tips for Philadelphia Residents

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides fire damage restoration services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

The estimated risk of home fires doubles during the Thanksgiving holiday, which isn’t something you’d generally be thankful about. Nobody give thanks for fire damage and smoke damage while saying Thanksgiving grace before dinner.

The most obvious culprit when it comes to the increased fire damage and smoke damage risk is all the Thanksgiving cooking, particularly with the increasing popularity of deep frying turkeys in peanut oil, sesame oil, vegetable oil, etc. An imported southern cooking style, deep frying turkeys has cause many to call for fire restoration in Philadelphia, Media, Clifton Heights, Ardmore, and West Chester, PA.

As dangerous, yet delicious, as deep frying a turkey can be, it’s not the only house fire risk during the Thanksgiving holiday. For example, this time of year sees a marked increase in the use of candles, which lend a festive and traditional aura during this time of togetherness.

Unfortunately, rambunctious children running around open flames aren’t always, or ever, the best combination. So, keep those candles up high and well-protected to avoid potential fire and smoke damage.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinner preparation carries with it its own risk as well. An oven that hasn’t been cleaned in some time could present a fire hazard all by itself due to all the use it will see while preparing a Thanksgiving meal. So, try to give your oven a healthy scrubbing before placing the great bird in there for hours on end.

If a Thanksgiving fire damage should strike this holiday season, don’t hesitate to call the fire restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec. Our disaster recovery specialists rely on an extensive fire restoration process that begins with emergency pre-cleaning and ends with a thorough deodorization of any surfaces that experienced smoke damage.

Hopefully, you won’t require the disaster recovery services of ServiceMaster by ARTec this holiday season, but you can always rely on us for a full range of restoration services. We’re your professional cleaning services experts, with the experience, materials and equipment on hand to handle your unique cleaning and restoration needs. For fire restoration in Philadelphia, Media, and Ardmore, PA, be sure to contact ServiceMaster by ARTec!

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