Tell Me About the Gutters: Preventing Water Damage in Philadelphia, PA

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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides water damage cleanup services throughout the Philadelphia metro area.

Ah, autumn. What a wonderful season. The air is crisp, the leaves are raining down from the trees in a wondrous color palette, and you’re up to your wrist scooping wet, organic rot from your gutters that both feels and smells hideous.

Plus, you’re teetering at the edge of your rooftop. What could be better than this? Well, a lot of things, really, but who’s counting?

Cleaning out the house gutters in the fall is one of those chores that real estate agents never seem to bring up when you’re in the process of closing on a house. They never point up at the roof and say “See that pitch? That’s a good 75-degree angle right there. You’re going to love scurrying around up there every fall, scooping out globs of decaying leaves. Everyone in Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County and surrounding Pennsylvania communities looks forward to seasonal gutter cleaning. How did the previous owner die, you ask? He fell off the roof. But, never mind that. Sign here.”

Nevertheless, gutter cleaning is a necessary part of home ownership, whether you do it yourself, or you hire a local daredevil. If you don’t clean your gutters, things will start growing in them, as a best case scenario; you’ll develop dangerous ice dams come winter, causing water damage, as a worst case scenario. To prevent water damage in your Philadelphia home, you need to clean your gutters properly

Ice dams can be a strain on your home gutters even if the gutters have been cleaned, but the dams will typically occur later in the season. If gutters haven’t been cleared, not only will ice dams take hold much earlier in the winter—increasing the chances of water damage—there will also be the added weight of all the sodden leaves, which combined could rip the gutters off your house entirely.

We can help with any water damage restoration needs you may have resulting from ice dams or any other reason. We can even help you fix those dangling gutters! Our professional cleaning staff is trained and certified when it comes to water damage restoration, and we work quickly to mitigate any further problems associated with water damage, including detecting and removing black mold should it develop as a result of water damage.

Call on ServiceMaster by ARTec and you’ll know you have a water damage restoration outfit who utilizes proven techniques and has only the best materials and equipment at their disposal to assist you to recover from your water damage misfortune.

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