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Business disasters can involve anything from robberies to fires to everything in between, but one of the most devastating disasters for any West Chester, PA, property owner is a natural one. Along with the stress and trauma that accompanies major weather events, sudden storms or unexpected weather-related damage can do a number on a community. At ServiceMaster by ARTec, our disaster restoration team prioritizes accessibility, fast action, and comprehensive recovery support to help you and your community recover as quickly as possible after storm damage occurs.

Unlike other types of catastrophes, natural disasters almost always make it impossible to have a perfect mitigation plan in place. While some weather events give enough warning to prepare and mitigate, sudden and severe weather can manifest itself on very short notice and do major storm damage to your entire property in a matter of minutes. Plus, the storm damage may impact more than one property and most or all of your equipment rather than a single building. Even large businesses and warehouses that are equipped to handle basic weather issues can still take a major hit in a natural disaster. For small businesses, major storm damage can be cataclysmic.

Storm damage can include external and internal physical damage, water damage, by-product damage such as smoke or fire, and simultaneously, can create a situation that isn’t safe to approach without professional help. This may mean that not only is your property damaged, but you may not even be able to visit and assess it for your own records and needs. Disaster restoration teams take these facts into account and can help you make a plan as well as address the potential dangers as quickly as possible.

After initial safety measures are taken, our disaster restoration professionals work closely alongside you and your team to ensure that a complete disaster restoration takes place. This includes understanding that time spent without access to your business is most likely potential revenue loss. Our experts work quickly and efficiently to return your property to its pre-loss state and allow your business to resume as soon as possible.

When a natural disaster is severe enough, it can be disorienting and hard to find the help you’re looking for to restore your West Chester, PA, business. Luckily, the disaster restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec are available 365 days a year 24/7 to ensure that you can get the support you need when you need it. Contact us today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here for additional information.


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