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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides Duct Cleaning in Media, PA and surrounding areas

There is a relatively brief expanse of time during spring and early summer during which you don’t necessarily have to use either your furnace or your air conditioning. This brief respite of time between furnace and air conditioning operations provides an excellent time to have your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) duct system flushed out. For your home in Media, PA, duct cleaning should be performed by ServiceMaster by ARTec.

You may not consider air duct cleaning to be a high priority, and you definitely wouldn’t be alone. A home’s HVAC duct system is basically a house’s respiratory system, and like the respiratory system, it’s not something you ordinarily see. If you can’t see it, then air duct cleaning probably won’t be something you’d consider important.

Still, all those vents and air returns, grills and registers are just the most visible components of a hidden labyrinth of ductwork that can become incredibly filthy over time. Months or years worth of dust, dirt, pollen, mildew and even the dried carcasses of small insects can be circulated in your HVAC duct system and eventually make its way back out into the home itself.

If the thought of breathing in the dried particulate of insect carcasses strikes you as a tad disturbing, then maybe it’s time to consider a thorough and professional air duct cleaning.

ServiceMaster by ARTec has the professional expertise and necessary equipment to conduct extensive air duct cleaning services in Media, PA. Our tools and equipment, used in conjunction with our proven duct cleaning techniques, can ensure your home’s HVAC duct system is thoroughly and efficiently cleaned.

Beyond simple air duct cleaning, we also meticulously clean all the visible registers, vents, returns and other associated components of your HVAC duct system, ensuring your home has improved indoor air quality and granting you a little extra peace of mind.

ServiceMaster by ARTec takes air duct cleaning very seriously, because we understand the potential health problems that can arise from breathing re-circulated pollen and even black mold. In addition to regular duct cleaning, we can also perform the service to compliment mold remediation or a carpet cleaning after a fire damage disaster. We proudly serve the Pennsylvania communities of Media, Philadelphia, West Chester, and Ardmore.

Ensure you and your loved ones will breathe a little easier this year by calling ServiceMaster by ARTec to conduct an air duct cleaning of your home.


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