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ServiceMaster by ARTec Provides House Cleaning Services in Clifton Heights, Media, and West Chester, PA

Independence Day is now beyond us, fading fast in summer’s rear-view mirror. The bratwursts have been cooked and ingested, the fireworks have been “responsibly” ignited, and the flags, for now, have been respectively stowed away.

Now you’re staring down the remainder of an almost two-month celebratory summer dry spell of no notable holidays, except for those conjured by your imagination, like “KwanzzAugust,” or “ChristmAugust,” or “4th through the 11th of August-Anukkah.”

If you’re not into making up your own holidays, you may want to look around your house and determine whether it needs a thorough cleaning, which it probably does.

Once you’ve made it beyond the summer hump of Independence Day, you’re looking at a home that could stand some serious carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, and just house cleaning in general, to be perfectly honest.

But, you’re also tired.

Seriously, you’re still digesting all those bratwursts, and those fireworks didn’t light themselves—well, most of them didn’t—and climbing the ladder to stow the flags in your garage rafters was just plain exhausting. Who wants to clean a house after all that?

ServiceMaster by ARTec, that’s who! We’re an all-in-one house cleaning services provider you can count on to make your home look great, smell better, and just plain feel good. Our staff of cleaning services professionals knows all about carpet cleaning and floor cleaning. They know upholstery cleaning like the back of their hands—seriously, they sometimes use the back of their hands for certain upholstery cleaning tasks, because they’re that dedicated and agile!

While facing summer’s down slope and a house that needs a complete scouring, give the experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec a call. We’ll put our cleaning services feet on the ground while you put your feet up on the couch.

ServiceMaster by ARTec is always ready to quickly and efficiently serve the Pennsylvania communities of Delaware County, Chester County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County, and all of the surrounding communities.

You can even make a cleaning services holiday out of hiring us! Call it “ServiceMaster by ART-August!”…or something like that…

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