ServiceMaster by ARTec Offers Tips on Staying Safe and Making a Plan for Professional Storm Damage Reconstruction in Media, PA

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In the aftermath of a severe weather event in Media, PA, it can feel like everything is happening all at once and far too quickly. It might even feel impossible to effectively take stock of yourself, your family, and your home. Anyone who has lived through storm damage will likely say that it’s vital to stay calm, but when you’re surrounded by chaos, calm might feel miles away. Instead of being caught unawares by sudden severe weather, prepare yourself and your family by making an effective storm damage plan. ServiceMaster by ARTec encourages all homeowners to take time and document what to do and who to contact for reconstruction and recovery after a storm impacts your area.


Just as many families choose to have a fire plan, it’s important to assemble a storm damage plan as well. You may already have some idea of where in your home you’d go during a flood or tornado, but many families stop planning after those initial decisions. The aftermath of storm damage is often when you’ll feel most confused, and having a plan in place can feel like a salvation. An effective storm damage plan will start with basic safety precautions and include follow up on what to do after the storm passes.


Your storm damage plan should take into account the potential safety risks that a damaged home can pose. A good plan will get everyone safely out of the home and away from debris and unstable structures as soon as possible. A meeting place and a backup location should be established as well as emergency contacts. These contacts should include family members, insurance representatives, and reconstruction consultants. Like any effective plan in the modern age, all of these details should be kept as a digital backup.


Having these contacts and processes in place before storm damage occurs can help you feel prepared and even-headed in the event that they ever become necessary. Trying to find reconstruction assistance on short notice in the midst of a major natural disaster can be extremely stressful and difficult. Prep before you need to and have ServiceMaster by ARTec’s storm damage reconstruction team on your list.


If your Media, PA home has been recently impacted by storm damage or you’re interested in exploring our reconstruction options, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec at our website, and add our phone number, (610) 626-9002, to your storm damage emergency plan today.

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