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Storms that bring heavy rains, high winds, and flooding can cause a lot of damage to homes and belongings. When storm damage occurs, hiring the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec in New Castle, DE for storm damage cleanup is the right thing to do. We can expedite the restoration process and save your home as well as belongings from permanent damage. Here, we’ll go through the various steps our experts take to cleanup and restore electronic items present in your home.


The 4 Steps of Cleanup and Restoration of Electronic Items

Before storm damage cleanup work is started, our technicians ensure that all electronic items are documented and cataloged.


Step 1: Pre-wash

Our experts properly disassemble electronic items and then submerged them into a special tank consisting of different chambers. These chambers contain separate solutions or cleaning agents and water.


Step 2: Ultrasonic Cleaning

Electro-mechanical transducers inside the tanks generate sound waves which result in the creation of thousands of microscopic bubbles. The formation and collapse of these ultrasonic bubbles triggers the cavitation process of vacuum action, pressure, and heat to draw contaminants away from the components of the electronic devices.


During the cavitation process when these microscopic bubbles collapse, the pressure reaches almost 10,000 psi at the core of the bubbles. Despite being very powerful, the complete process remains gentle and safe for the electronic items that are being cleaned.


Step 3: Rinsing with Deionized Water

After the cleaning process, the electronic items go through the step of deionized rinse. This step is performed to prevent any type of electrical issues when the drying process starts and also to prevent the problem of spotting.


Step 4: Chamber Drying

The fourth step consists of drying the items inside a drying room or convection drying chamber where air movement and low humidity can be carefully maintained. This is done to make sure any type of residual moisture is completely removed.


Finally, all the cleaned electronic items are thoroughly inspected, electronically scanned, and kept in humidity-controlled and secure storage until all the restoration work is finished.


As you can see, there are several details to be carefully taken care of when cleaning electronic items after natural disasters such as storms. By taking the right storm damage cleanup steps in a timely manner, the experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec can prevent electronic items from getting damaged.


If your home has suffered damage due a recent storm, give us a call at (610) 626-9002 as soon as possible. Our disaster restoration experts will reach your home in New Castle, DE, check the condition your belongings, and develop a plan of action to conduct the thorough cleanup and restoration work required.

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