Stop Carpet Mold in Its Tracks with Water Damage Restoration in Philadelphia, PA

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After experiencing water damage in your Philadelphia home, it’s important to act quickly to prevent additional damage such as carpet mold. Although sometimes carpets may be too far gone to salvage, with help from water damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec, you have the best chance of salvaging them and preventing mold.


We want to help you be prepared in the event of water damage in your home. Here are just a few ways to properly clean carpets and slow down the progression of mold damage in your home:


Evaluate the Home: First and foremost, hire a professional to evaluate the level of damage within your home. Certain types of water permanently damage carpets, such as sewage water, which means the carpet and padding needs to be completely replaced. Don’t attempt to evaluate damage yourself and allow a professional to take a look first.


Remove Water: If the damage is minor and the carpet can be saved, slow the growth of mold and water by introducing airflow into your home. Open windows, turn on fans, and use a dehumidifier to dry out the area. Additionally, consider using a wet vac to directly remove water from the carpet. Just remember, this isn’t where you should stop. Always call the water damage restoration professionals to ensure the area is completely dried out. Any remaining moisture can quickly spawn mold growth.

Air Flow & Dehumidification:

Sanitize the Space: Clean up the area around your carpeting, including walls and hard surface floors. Mix a solution of soap and water and use this solution along baseboards to slow the progress of mold growth. Make sure to wear gloves!


Check Furniture: Look for water damage underneath furniture, and ideally, remove furniture from the space altogether. Water oftentimes hides under carpet and furniture, and if it goes unnoticed, this water may result in mildew or mold.


When it comes to preventing further water damage to your carpets in Philadelphia, PA, and getting these carpets clean, make sure you understand each step of the process. Although you may try repairing carpet damage on your own, why not hire a professional to guide you throughout the process?

 Partner with Water Damage Restoration Experts Today!

The water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec know how to handle water damage and mold and will make sure your carpets are properly treated. Give us a call today!





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