Why Odor Removal Requires Speedy Professional Expertise for Homeowners in New Castle, DE

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Fire damage in your New Castle, DE, home brings with it a plethora of damage restoration processes to consider. You’ll likely be spending time conferring with your family about which process comes first, and in some cases, this means pushing the seemingly less vital repair projects to the bottom of the list. Unfortunately, after a fire, certain types of home damage can get worse the longer you leave them untouched; odor removal falls squarely into this category. Our odor removal experts with ServiceMaster by ARTec encourage families affected by smoke damage to act quickly and try not to underestimate the damaging power of a stubborn, overwhelming smoky scent.


Unlike physical forms of fire damage, odor is noticeable beyond the immediate area of the damage itself. With just a small breeze, you’ll suddenly be reminded of the damage that is still lurking on the surface. Not only is this emotionally irritating, but it also can be physically irritating as well. Being surrounded by an unpleasant scent for days on end can trigger stress, headaches, and depending on the strength of the smell, allergies and asthma as well.


Odor removal after a fire is difficult primarily because of the sheer surface area that it impacts. Smoke damage tends to waft, so anything it touches can end up covered in a layer of soot. That soot and smoke, if ignored, seeps down and makes itself comfortable on everything from glass surfaces to book pages. And the longer you ignore the smoke damage, the more fused and stubborn it becomes. Because of the strength of smoke damage, proper odor removal techniques require a meticulous attention to detail. If you truly want to rid your home of all traces of smoke damage, you’ll have to address every level of your home that may have been in contact with soot or smoke at any given time. This means that washing your curtains and leaving your windows open for a weekend most likely won’t do the trick.


Odor removal experts employ industrial fans and airing as needed, and they also specialize in extremely deep-cleaning techniques. This includes, along with your curtain washing, carpet cleaning, hard and soft surface cleaning, air duct cleaning, window screen and glass cleaning, and just about everything in between. In some smoke damage cases, odor removal experts may even repaint your home or walls to remove lingering smoky smells embedded in the current coats of paint. Altogether, the process is extremely detail-oriented and time-dependent.


If your New Castle, DE, home has been impacted by smoke damage, or you’re in need of in-depth odor removal services, speed is of the essence. The fire damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec are waiting for your call. Contact us today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website for more information.

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