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Fire Damage Restoration in Chester County, PA by ServiceMaster by ARTec

A cup of hot chocolate warming the hands, a flannel comforter draped over the shoulders, and an oscillating space heater at your feet, radiating much-needed warmth upon your chilled and winter weary being. How else does one find toasty, soothing relief during a winter that insists on breaking long-held records and steadfastly refuses to go softly into that good night?

As comforting as they can be, however, space heaters carry risks. They are, after all, heaters, and if used incorrectly or a failure occurs, can cause fire damage and smoke damage. When the worst happens and you need fire restoration in your Chester County building, call the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec to get your life back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Most space heaters on the market today are equipped with automatic kill switches if they get too hot, get tipped over, or achieve consciousness. Well, consciousness may be a stretch, but even the most modern space heater can be a fire damage hazard if used incorrectly or placed too close to flammable materials.

Additionally, many older space heaters don’t feature the same modern safeguards as today’s newer units. This can be a double threat as some older units radiate much more heat than current models. Older space heaters with exposed electrical coils and elements represent a significantly higher risk for fire damage and smoke damage.

To be safe you should consider upgrading your space heaters to more up to date models and yes, read the instructions! Even with the safest modern space heaters you should keep them on hard, even surfaces and take care to keep the area immediately around the space heater—two feet at least—free of carpeting and any possible flammable materials.

Even modest fire damage or smoke damage resulting from a space heater or other reason can be difficult to clean up after and restore. At ServiceMaster by ARTec we specialize in fire damage and smoke damage cleaning and restoration. We employ the latest equipment and most efficient and effective cleaning products available, as well as trained, certified and experienced cleaning teams who know exactly how to tackle unique fire damage and smoke damage situations.

If your home or business recently experienced fire damage or smoke damage within our Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia and Montgomery, Pennsylvania service areas, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately. Your home will thank you for it!

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