How Soot Damage Worsens Over Time and Why You Need to Call the Fire Damage Cleanup Pros in King of Prussia, PA Immediately

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A fire can be quite destructive and restoring your home to its pre-loss condition can be a herculean task. If a fire damages your home, contact the professional fire and soot damage restoration professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec, in King of Prussia, PA to restore your home.


It’s important for fire damage cleanup to be completed as quickly as possible, otherwise, permanent damage can occur over time.


How Soot Damage Affects Your Home Over Time

ServiceMaster by ARTec has the necessary manpower, equipment, cleaning products, and expertise to perform restoration quickly and effectively.


Without quick, professional attention, the extent of damage can even increase over time, resulting in untreatable damage.


Let’s look at how soot damage behaves over time!


  • Within a Few Minutes: Fire results in different residues, the most concerning of which is acidic soot that discolors plastics, appliances, marble, alabaster, and other materials throughout your home. This damage can be reversed if addressed quickly.


  • Within a Few Hours: As time passes, acidic soot will continue to damage your belongings. For example, bath fixtures, metals that are not coated will tarnish, and the finishing on furniture will begin to turn yellow. At this point, discoloration can still be treated.


  • Within a Few Days: Acidic soot will cause permanent discoloration clearly visible on affected surfaces. Also, corrosion and rusting will begin, causing significant damage.


  • Within a Few Weeks: After a few weeks, it’ll become impossible to salvage synthetic carpets exposed to fire damage due to the extensive discoloration. Similarly, silver plated fixtures will be affected by corrosion, and glass items will suffer severe etching due to prolonged exposure to acidic soot, necessitating replacement.



If your home has suffered fire and soot damage, you can count on ServiceMaster by ARTec to perform fire damage restoration and soot cleanup quickly and effectively.


We’re available 24/7/365, so we can get to work right away and restore your home to its pre-loss condition. For immediate assistance for your King of Prussia, PA, home, contact us at (610) 626-9002.



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