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Unlike other common forms of home damage in Media, PA, water damage can develop incrementally. Where fire damage crackles, flares, and glows, and storm damage blows, cracks, and smashes, water damage tends to tiptoe. It doesn’t always begin with a whoosh, and sometimes, it may do its dirty work in complete silence. ServiceMaster ARTec wants all homeowners to know that, thanks to its insidious nature, water damage can fly under the radar long enough to really make an impact on your home.

Since the core of water damage is, unsurprisingly, water, this means that you’re dealing with a substance that specializes in eroding, seeping, and soaking. If you consider how water is able to erode a river over the course of years, you can easily picture how much home damage it can cause with the right amount of exposure. A single small crack in a water pipe can lead to water silently pooling behind the walls of your home or surreptitiously collecting in your floor and carpet. This isn’t just irritating, it also has exponential consequences.

Mold and fungus, home material deformation, and any number of additional health hazards all accompany home water damage. Though these byproducts can occur quickly in the event of sudden water damage, they can also build over time into some seriously catastrophic home damage. Mold, when not caught, can grow and spread fairly indefinitely as long as it has surfaces to adhere to and nutrients to feed from. In severe water damage cases, mold can even be deadly or dangerous to individuals with breathing problems or even completely healthy people. And all of this home damage can happen right beneath your floorboards.

Catching water damage and long-term home damage can be tricky since water has so many ways to stay out of sight. Some simple signs to look for may include changing water pressure around your home, odd dark or light spots on the exterior or interior of your home, musty smells, and dripping sounds. Though these symptoms may be subtle, they could be the first clue you need to hunt down the damaging water source before it spreads.

If you’re concerned about water damage in your Media, PA, home or you’ve encountered some form of home damage following a water event, contact us today for water damage restoration resources. Call today at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here!

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