The Steps to Complete Smoke Odor Removal from Homes

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Fire can result in serious structural damage to homes, and the water used to extinguish the fire can cause mold growth if restoration work isn’t started immediately. In such situations, hiring the professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec for fire damage restoration and odor removal is the right thing to do. Here, we’ll look at the steps our restoration experts take to remove smoke odors from your home in West Chester, PA.

Use of Ozone in Smoke Odor Removal

Fire damage cleanup experts make use of ozone treatments to rid homes of smoke odors. Ozone is the preferred method for smoke odor removal since it alters the structure of smoke molecules, resulting in the complete removal of smoke odors.

Another good thing about the use of ozone is that it doesn’t have any negative effects on indoor air quality. Ozone degrades in less than thirty minutes after application and no residue is left after the ozone treatment.

There are different types of ozone generators that are used by fire damage repair technicians. In addition, there are specific procedures that technicians utilize to achieve effective results.


Different Types of Ozone Generators

Fire damage restoration experts select a particular type of ozone generator after analyzing the situation at your home. Different types of ozone generators utilized by experts for odor removal include:


  • Ozone Generators – Ultraviolet: Smoke damage removal professionals utilize this type of ozone generator when a small part of the house is affected by fire.
  • Ozone Generators – Corona Discharge: This type of ozone generator is used in a large fire situation and it helps in expediting the smoke damage restoration process.


Procedures to Be Followed

There are specific steps to be performed before ozone treatments can be started, such as:

  • Vacate People and Animals: Fire damage cleanup experts ensure that the rooms where ozone treatments are to be performed are vacated so there’s no one, including animals, at the site while odor removal is conducted.
  • Cover and Shift Things: In the event of a large fire, there will be strong smoke odors and it will become necessary for odor removal experts to use higher concentrations of ozone to achieve the desired results. In such situations it will be important to cover things like aquariums and shift indoor plants to another location before the work is started.


Smoke odor removal is an important part of the fire damage restoration process since no one wants smoke odors to remind them of the tragedy when they return to their home.

ServiceMaster by ARTec has the required training and experience to achieve the best smoke odor removal for your home in West Chester, PA, and restore things to their pre-loss state. Contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002 and our experts will quickly respond, evaluate your home, and develop a plan of action for thorough and effective smoke odor removal.

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