ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares Tips for Creating a Fire Safety Plan With Workplace Policies for Your Philadelphia, PA Business

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 A fire safety plan with workplace policies can help your Philadelphia, PA business avoid the need for fire damage restoration. Use the tips below as part of your preventative measures to mitigate potential damage to your property. In the event you need fire & smoke damage restoration, please contact us immediately for quick response services.

  • Cleanliness – The more cluttered your workplace environment, the more potential risks it presents. Loose paper, debris, equipment, and other materials can pose risks due to their flammability and/or because they’re obstructing safe and efficient routes to exists.
  • Fire safety plan – Your Philadelphia, PA business needs to have a fire safety plan in place. It should also have scheduled maintenance checks clearly displayed on the calendar for everyone to see. Routes of evacuation, fire extinguisher use, check points, testing of smoke alarms, and other items can be included as part of your fire safety plan
  • Fire drills – Do you think fire drills are reserved for school students? Think again. Fire poses the same risk regardless of age, and it’s an important safety measure to make sure all staff members have a refresher course on techniques to use in the event of a fire. Fire drills should be conducted routinely—about every six months.
  • Fire extinguishers – All employees must know where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them. Make sure to place them in plain sight and not obstruct them with other collected materials. Also, make sure to have a fire extinguisher on each floor of your building if it has more than one. With your routine fire safety training you can discuss how to use the fire extinguisher to put out small fires. The proper protocol is to stand approximately six feet away from the flame, spray at the base, and move closer as the fire dissipates.
  • Smoking policy – If you have employees that smoke, make sure to designate a smoking area that doesn’t pose a fire hazard. Also, have proper disposal methods available like ashtrays and receptacles for cigarette butts. These ashtrays also need to be cleaned regularly to avoid buildup.

These fire safety plans along with workplace policies can work well for preventing damage, but they can’t guarantee it. If the unexpected does occur, please contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002.

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