Smart and Savvy West Chester, PA, Business Owners Choose ServiceMaster by ARTec for Furniture Cleaning Services

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Imagine the following scenario.

You’re walking into an office for an important business meeting. The receptionist tells you to have a seat in the waiting area.

As you’re about to sit down, you notice an unsightly stain on the couch. It even smells a bit funny.

You’ll only be there for a few minutes, so you sit down and wait for your appointment. You finish the meeting and everything seems to go well, but you have to visit more businesses because you’re shopping around for the right company to help you with your new project.

You visit another business. The presentation they provide is about equal to the business you visited before. There’s only one difference.

When you walked into the second business, their furniture was immaculate. The clean atmosphere made you feel comfortable.

Maybe the decision wasn’t made consciously, but when it was time to make a choice about which company to work with, you went with the one that had clean furniture.

Could furniture cleaning make all the difference when it comes to gaining new clients and customers for your business?

The Subtle Benefits of Furniture Cleaning for Business Owners

Maybe you’re thinking “Sure, it’d be great to have furniture cleaning services performed, but it’s not that important.”

Maybe it seems like we’re embellishing the benefits, but think about it for a second.

As human beings, we make tiny little judgements about our surroundings every single day. If we had to consciously think about every little thing, we wouldn’t get anything done.

You get a subtle impression about someone when they’re well dressed and groomed, right?

Their appearance makes you associate positive words with them such as professional, intelligent, and classy.

What makes you think the appearance of your business would be any different?

When you’re in competition to win clients and customers, every little detail counts. Furniture cleaning could be the differentiating factor in winning business.

We know you make important decisions about your business every single day. Today we shared this information about furniture cleaning to make it a nobrainer.

You’re a smart and savvy West Chester, PA, business owner. We know you’ll make smart choices. Contact ServiceMaster by ARTec today at (610) 626-9002 and schedule an appointment for furniture cleaning to help your business thrive.


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