ServiceMaster by ARTec Can Help Your Philadelphia, PA Home Recover from Severe Smoke Damage

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Philadelphia, PA families, whether they’ve experienced a home fire or not, are likely familiar with the frustrations that accompany smoke damage. The smoke damage recovery team at ServiceMaster by ARTec reminds homeowners that minor smoke damage can come from having a cigarette smoker in the family, forgetting a frozen pizza in the oven a little too long, or eggs sticking and burning to the bottom of the pan during sleepy breakfast prep.

No matter what the origin, homeowners are probably acquainted with the lingering smell, the feeling of irritation, and even the discoloration that a minor plume can cause. When it comes to severe smoke damage, the fact that it can be an extreme project to remove may not come as a surprise.

Smoke damage, when left to its own devices, can cause dark, sprawling stains that seep info fabric and wood and discolor the outside of tile or other materials. This staining can cover walls, furniture, windows, and just about everything else in short order. To add to the frustration, cleaning dark smoke damage stains can be difficult as the chemicals involved bond strongly with damp or porous surfaces. This means that a simple scrub may not be enough to remove it, and that’s just the beginning

Though invisible to the naked eye, strong scents are also a frustrating side effect to smoke damage after a fire. The smell of smoke may itself be the main culprit, but smoke damage can also meld with other odors creating unpleasant pungent mixtures after a fire has occurred. Short of steam cleaning your whole house, it can be very difficult to coax these scents out of fabric or woods.

And, as a final cherry on top, smoke damage doesn’t just harm the surfaces of your home; it can also deform them. Smoke from an intense home fire can be just as physically damaging as the flames it originates from. The vapors that accompany smoke can carry an impressive amount of heat that can cause surfaces to warp or melt, even if a flame isn’t immediately present. That means you can be left with dark stains, unpleasant smells, and damage in very hard to reach places. Truly, smoke damage is the complete package.

No matter which form smoke damage takes in your Philadelphia, PA home, call ServiceMaster by ARTec immediately at (610) 626-9002 to begin smoke damage restoration after a home fire, or visit our website here.

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