ServiceMaster by ARTec is a Company Who Cares While Providing Water Damage Repair in Philadelphia, PA

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If we could use one word to describe what we do at ServiceMaster by ARTec, it’d be “necessary.”

Would we like to live in a world where disaster situations never occurred? Of course we would.

Unfortunately, as many Philadelphia, PA, residents know, reality hands us a different set of cards. Bad things happen sometimes. It’s a part of being a home or property owner when it comes to disaster, and it’s a part of life in general.

That being said, we’re always striving for ways to be the best providers in our industry. We’ve taken the time to think, and we realize there are two important elements when it comes to our restoration services.

First, there’s the service itself. Winter is a common time for water damage repair. We’re always focused on responding to calls as fast as possible and getting homes back to their pre-loss state as quickly as possible.

Second—and perhaps just as important—is the human element. When it comes to services like water damage repair, we realize we’re not just restoring a home or property. We’re restoring someone’s home. We’re entering the life of an actual person, family, or company.

What we do isn’t just about repairing physical damage. It’s about giving a sense of calm to people in a chaotic situation. People who, by definition, already live chaotic lives just by being human beings.

Instead of talking about the nuts and bolts of water damage repair, we want to talk to you about the emotions you may go through during the process, and provide reassurance for the future:

  • You’re in good hands – If your Philadelphia, PA, home or property needs water damage repair, you might feel a lack of control because you can’t do anything about the situation with your own two hands. It’s normal to feel anxious when something’s out of your control. You want to work with a company you can trust. ServiceMaster by ARTec is a company you can have peace of mind in trusting your home or property to.
  • Time heals – Maybe the water damage repair process cost you business due to the office being shut down, or caused problems in your life in other ways. During hard times, it’s important to remember that time has a way of improving your situation more often than not, and you’ll likely look back on the situation as a distant memory while you continue to live your life.
  • Try not to stress – See the above points. You’re in good hands, plus everything will be fine in the future. If your home needs water damage repair, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec and let us handle the rest.


If you’re ever in need of an appointment, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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