ServiceMaster by ARTec Shares 3 Common Situations that Lead to Water Damage Cleanup Come Springtime in West Chester, PA

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If there’s one thing that’s constant on the planet we live on, it’s change.

Change can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes it’s inspiring, and other times it causes concern.

Take the weather for example. As a West Chester, PA, resident, you experience all four seasons, whereas places like California don’t feel the full effects of them.

Each season has unique appeal and enjoyable activities. You can ski, snowmobile, and sled in the wintertime. During the spring and summer, you can enjoy activities like barbecues and heading to the beach.

Each season has its upside, but when it comes to disaster situations that require water damage cleanup, each season has its own unique downsides.

We’re transitioning into springtime.

During the winter, you have to be mindful of disasters such as:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ice dams
  • Severe snowstorms

During the springtime, you have a whole new set of disasters you can both prepare for and rely on a reputable water damage cleanup company like ServiceMaster by ARTec to help you handle.

Today we’re going to discuss some ways to deal with disasters that may lead to needing water damage cleanup services.

Floods and Severe Storms

As you know, the East Coast can experience flood damage to some degree almost every year. If you haven’t already, you should check to see if your insurance covers flood damage. Insurers treat water damage differently, depending on the source of the water.

In the event of a flood, hurricane, or severe storm, follow the recommendations provided by your emergency alert channel and be sure to keep emergency supplies available. If told to evacuate, do not return to your West Chester, PA, home until instructed to do so.

Upon your return, carefully inspect your property to make sure there isn’t any hazardous damage such as fallen power lines or compromises to your home’s structure. After you’re sure it’s safe, take pictures of the damage and store them on digital files to share with your insurer. Then, call ServiceMaster by ARTec and let us take care of the rest.

Plumbing Issues

Even if your home didn’t experience water damage due to burst pipes, it doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to water damage.

You should have your pipes inspected at least once per-year to make sure they’re in sound condition. This can help you prevent the need for water damage cleanup. If your home does experience a pipe leak, be sure to turn off the water source immediately and contact ServiceMaster by ARTec.

Nooks and Crannies of Your West Chester, PA, Home

 During warmer months, water damage can arise through condensation in areas of your home like the attic and basement. Be sure to check these often-unnoticed areas for signs of water or damage before it’s too late.

ServiceMaster by ARTec is dedicated to providing top-notch water damage cleanup year-round. If the unexpected occurs, contact us immediately at (610) 626-9002.

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