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Life is unpredictable. In one sense, unpredictability makes life more fun. If you knew what was coming at all times, it’d be boring.

In another sense, however, the unpredictability of life can cause stress, panic, and worry. That’s why we established ServiceMaster by ARTec. We knew there was a need to help Media, PA, residents in emergency situations.

Regardless of the reason, we know you want someone to be by your side after a disaster as quickly as possible.

Today we’re going to talk about emergency board up services. There are several different reasons you might need our services. Regardless of those reasons, know that our team is available 24 hours a day to respond to your situation.

  • Vandalism – Unfortunately, there are some bad apples in the world. Sometimes they strike for no apparent reason. If your home has been vandalized, emergency board up services are important, because you don’t want to leave your home even more susceptible to people looking to stir up trouble.
  • Accidents – Accidents happen. Maybe your kids were throwing around the baseball in the back yard and one of them threw an especially errant fastball. Maybe your pet somehow caused an accident that lead to a broken window or door. Emergency board up services will help you move past the accident and get back to enjoying your life.
  • Disaster situations – These are the times when emergency board up services are needed most. Whether your Media, PA, home suffers damage from a severe storm or a fire, there will likely be multiple areas in the home that need coverage. Once those areas are covered up, you can focus on working with ServiceMaster by ARTec through the restoration process.


The problem and solution are both simple. You have an area of your home that’s exposed, and you want it covered as quickly as possible to safeguard your house and possessions and know the job is being done right.

Emergency board up services from ServiceMaster by ARTec fits the bill for both items. For quick response services, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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