Determining the Risks at and Locations of a Biohazard Cleanup Site

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Biohazard cleanup is a complicated task during which several issues need to be continually monitored. If any biohazard incident occurs at your home in King of Prussia, PA, then hiring experts like those at ServiceMaster ARTec for biohazard cleanup will be the right move to make.

Here, we explore the different risk groups that experts have categorized as well as the risks that these groups face at the biohazard site. We also explain the different location categories of a biohazard cleanup site.


Determining the Type of Risk Present at the Biohazard Incident Site

Experts categorize risks into different groups so that the cleanup procedure can be selected accordingly. Let’s examine the details.

Risk Group 1

Contaminants present at the incident site do not cause diseases in people. Remediation activities that are needed to be performed include cleanup of the contamination, which will not result in health risks to those doing the work.

Risk Group 2

In this group, biological agents may cause diseases in people. However, it is not likely that such contamination will spread. Cleanup activities performed in this situation include trauma as well as blood mitigation, loose stool and diarrhea cleanup, and animal waste remediation.

Risk Group 3

In this group, drug or biological agents are present and can result in serious diseases being spread to people, although not by casual contact. Mitigation activities include those listed in risk group 2 biohazard cleanup, plus remediation of:

  • Spore-forming viruses and bacteria
  • Hazardous drugs


Risk Group 4

In this last risk group, contamination in the form of drug and biological agents is present. These agents are capable of causing different diseases in people as well as creating a high risk of these agents spreading to other locations. Cleanup activities in this situation include those listed in risk group 3. and hemorrhagic fevers such as Hanta and Ebola as well as other serious diseases.

Categorizing the Location of the Biohazard Incident

  • Low-Impact Location: This is a place where experts find no body fluids, the incident site is not occupied, and demolition work will not be required.
  • Medium-Impact Location: In this place, body fluids are found and contamination is present over hard surfaces. The space is also occupied, but demolition will not be necessary.
  • High-Impact Location: Mitigation work in this place will involve demolition of source material such as porous material that has been contaminated as well as other invasive activities.

To summarize, biohazard cleanup cannot be performed without the required knowledge, expertise, equipment, and experience. The technicians at ServiceMaster ARTec meet these required prerequisites and can perform the biohazard cleanup efficiently and correctly.

Just give us a call on our customer support number at (610) 626-9002, and our team will reach your King of Prussia, PA, home, analyze the situation, and start the biohazard cleanup work.

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