Hoarder Cleanup

Hoarder Cleanup in Clifton Heights, PA

ServiceMaster by ARTec provides hoarder house cleaning services in Clifton Heights, West Chester, Philadelphia, and the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania

hoarderHoarding is a cognitive-behavioral disorder marked by excessive collecting of food, newspapers, and other possessions, which interferes with the daily activities of the person. Hoarding is different from collecting in that possessions are usually disorganized and sometimes appear to be of little or no value to an outside observer. Hoarders are unable to discard or part with possessions, regardless of quantity, quality, condition, or value, because they suffer from a high state of perceived stress and anxiety at the thought of discarding the items. Simply put, the thought of throwing something away is just too frightening for them to deal with. If you or a loved one is in need of hoarding cleanup in the Greater Philadelphia Area, call on ServiceMaster by ARTec.

There is more involved in the process of hoarding cleanup than just throwing away items and sprucing up the home. Cleaning a hoarder’s home requires a compassionate nature and the understanding that this is far more than an average house cleaning service.

With the help and support of the ServiceMaster Clean® network, ServiceMaster by ARTec has the proper training in both the required cleaning services and compassionate methods of dealing with the emotional difficulties attached to hoarding. A cluttered dwelling can produce a hazardous and unhealthy living environment. Hoarding cleanup in Eastern Pennsylvania is a difficult task; let us help you ease the process with professional house cleaning services.

Our hoarding cleanup services in Delaware, Chester, Philadelphia, and Montgomery counties of Pennsylvania include:

  • Sensitively separating and sorting items to “keep” or recycle
  • Transport, clean, sanitize and store large items, like furniture and appliances
  • Full house cleaning, including bathrooms and kitchen
  • Complete repair and home reconstruction, if needed
  • Assistance with unwanted items for resale or charity shops
  • Disposal of unwanted items
  • Odor control and removal

Contact ServiceMaster by ARTec when you’ve made the decision to ask for hoarding cleanup help in Clifton Heights, PA. With the proper professional house cleaning tools and a gentle, compassionate staff, we can help your through the difficult process of regaining your life from the clutter, and begin anew with a fresh, clean, sanitary living environment.


Matt Paxton & ServiceMaster by ARTec




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