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With January mercifully at its end, we stare down the 28-day winter expanse of February with steely-eyed determination, knowing spring will then be on the horizon. But, even though January has been defeated, it left reminders of its long battle in the form of massive salt deposits in your carpet.

Winter in Ardmore, PA and surrounding communities is, after all, a time for salt. There’s salt on the roads, salt on the sidewalks and, therefore, salt on your shoes, which in turn means there’s salt on and in anything your shoes come in contact with.

And salt is not a friend of carpets because in large enough quantities—say, a month’s worth—salt can stain carpets considerably.

Rather than spending another month tracking and grinding more salt into your beleaguered carpet, why not do yourself a favor and spring for a thorough carpet cleaning conducted by carpet cleaning professionals who know a thing or three about getting salt stains out of carpets?

Our carpet cleaning experts here at ServiceMaster by ARTec know all there is to know about cleaning carpets. Getting salt stains out of carpet is no problem for us.

We pre-treat any stains before conducting a rigorous carpet cleaning process using industry-leading materials and industrial-caliber carpet cleaning equipment. We then conduct a meticulous post-carpet cleaning inspection to locate and remove any residual stains. When you call upon ServiceMaster by ARTec, you’ll know your carpets will be given top notch carpet cleaning service that’s certain to revitalize your carpets and give your home a fresh, clean feel.

We don’t just clean carpets. Our exclusive carpet cleaning process includes a free, no obligation estimate so you’ll know exactly what areas need to be targeted for special attention and stain removal. We take our carpet cleaning seriously, because your carpets are seriously important to you.

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