ServiceMaster by ARTec is a Carpet Cleaning Company That Helps Remove Allergens in West Chester, PA Homes

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Spring and summer provide many benefits. You can enjoy activities outside, spend more time in the daylight, and revel in the beautiful weather.

These two seasons, as with any others, have their drawbacks—one of them being allergy irritation.

There are many remedies to allergies including allergy medication, but have you explored using the services of a carpet cleaning company to help rid your home of irritating allergens as well?

Today, we’re going to discuss how allergens and other debris find their way into the fibers of your carpet, and we’ll explain how a carpet cleaning company like ServiceMaster by ARTec can help.

How Allergens Affect Your Health

Allergens usually cause mild to moderate discomfort, but in severe cases, they can have a heavily adverse effect on your health. Your body emits responses to these allergens, which leads to the common symptoms, such as red eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose.

If you have another ailment you deal with, such as asthma, allergens can not only exacerbate your allergy symptoms but lead to much worse results such as an asthma attack.

Children, who have weaker immune systems than adults, are even more susceptible to adverse effects caused by allergens.

If you have allergies, you’re likely aware of such problems and nuisances, but are you aware of just how much allergy inducing material can be found in your carpets?

According to the Allergy and Asthma Foundation of America, there are more allergens on and in surfaces than there are in the air. From pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and dead skin cells, you’re literally looking at pounds of allergy-inducing debris found in your carpet.

If you have allergies, you’ve likely taken precautions at your West Chester, PA home by using helpful devices such as an air purifier. Consider the services of a carpet cleaning company as an extra tool in your repertoire to help combat these irritating and potentially harmful particles.

 How a Carpet Cleaning Company Can Help You

The services of a carpet cleaning company goes above and beyond anything you can do on your own.

We have industry leading carpet cleaning machinery that goes deep beneath the surfaces of your carpet to extract debris from areas that other carpet cleaning machines and vacuums simply can’t reach.

In addition, we also provide antimicrobial treatments to take extra steps in ridding your home of harmful bacteria.

If you’ve ever seen a before and after view of what a carpet looks like pre and post professional carpet cleaning, you can literally see the amounts of debris removed.

Our carpet cleaning services include:

  • Pre-cleaning assessment of your carpets to address problem areas and to create a proper cleaning strategy
  • Spot stain treatment
  • Loosening of dirt, grime, and debris
  • Deep cleansing with carpet cleaning solution
  • Post-treatment to address problem areas to fully clean your carpet
  • Carpet drying for proper grooming and maintenance
  • Post cleaning inspection to ensure every area of your carpet is immaculate


Make ServiceMaster by ARTec Your Carpet Cleaning Company of Choice

 We serve dozens of communities in the Pennsylvania area, including West Chester, meaning we have a wealth of experience as a carpet cleaning company. Let us help you have a fun summer without the added nuisance of allergies.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.

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