Reasons to Choose ServiceMaster by ARTec to Provide Hoarder Cleanup Services for Your Loved One’s Home in New Castle, DE

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Do you have a loved one living in New Castle, DE, who suffers from hoarding?

Throughout our time working with families and their loved ones who suffer from hoarding disorder, we’ve learned how challenging the situation can be and how a delicate approach can help remedy the situation.

ServiceMaster provides hoarder cleanup services with the care of your loved one in mind. Today we wanted to share some reasons why choosing ServiceMaster by ARTec for hoarder cleanup services is the best choice for you and your loved one in need.

We create a delicate plan

As you know, your loved one likely has strong attachments to the items they’ve collected in their home. Performing hoarder cleanup services isn’t as simple as walking in and getting rid of excess items.

When dealing with someone who hoards, it’s important to create a plan that combines efficient removal with empathy for the resident of the home. In order create this type of plan you need to have a deep understanding of the condition.

We not only train our technicians to perform hoarder cleanup, but we also teach them how to interact with people in a compassionate way.

We provide a full range of services

Hoarding can cause structural damage to homes and leaves them in a state of disarray. Sometimes the home needs more than cleaning.

In addition to a thorough cleaning of the entire home, we provide repair services to restore the damage that’s been done to the home through hoarding. We also provide transportation for unwanted items and fully sanitize any furniture and other important items that will remain in the home.

Our goal is to bring your loved one’s New Castle, DE, home back to its original state. This requires a coordinated effort to make sure every square foot of the home is brought back to form.

We believe

We believe in the power of new beginnings. Seeking to add value is a staple for any successful business. We provide hoarder cleanup services that will add real value to your loved one by giving them the fresh start they can’t give themselves.

We understand the condition isn’t going to go away on its own, but we truly believe our services will help your loved one be in much better position to thrive moving forward.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (610) 626-9002.


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