Water Damage Advice from ServiceMaster by ARTec: The Mitigating Powers of Rain Gutters in King of Prussia, PA

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Rain gutters are a home feature that are often forgotten no matter where you live in the U.S. Ideally, if they’re doing their job, you’ll rarely have to think of them. However, when gutters stop functioning properly, regardless of the reason, they can become a major issue for King of Prussia, PA homeowners, especially if you’re a homeowner with a basement. The water damage mitigation professionals with ServiceMaster by ARTec recommend checking your gutters regularly to prevent a water disaster in your home’s future!


Gutters have an extremely simple but vitally important job. When working properly, they divert water away from the foundation of your home. If you’ve never put much thought into them before, it’s likely because they aren’t terribly complicated. However, complications related to your gutters can arise quickly, and when it happens, it can be a major and expensive pain to fix.


When water pools or gathers at the foundation of your home, this is an easy way to get major water damage in a very short period of time. Any cracks or gaps along the base of your home can let water in, and as soon as that happens, the problems begin to multiply. For homeowners with basements this can mean significant flooding, and with long-term water damage you could be looking at significant foundation erosion, even if you don’t have a basement. The good news is that water damage mitigation is possible with a little bit of maintenance.


Checking your gutters can be a fairly simple affair, but you shouldn’t wait until the first major rain to do it. If you didn’t think to inspect them immediately after the end of winter, the second-best time to do so is right now. The worst thing you can do for your gutters is ignore them until a small problem leads to big water damage. Cleaning your gutters should be done at least twice a year, but if you’re on a property with lots of trees, you may want to perform this task four times a year or more. A small blockage can be enough to cause big problems down the road.


If your King of Prussia, PA home has been impacted by basement flooding, foundation water damage, or any other type of water damage, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for information regarding water damage mitigation services and restoration options. Call us today for more information on our water damage mitigation options at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here!

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