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ServiceMaster by ARTec provides year-round water damage restoration services in the Philadelphia area.

November was surprisingly wintry this year. Like an unwelcome guest, winter came along almost overnight, plopped on the couch, kicked off its snow-covered boots and announced, “Get used to me because I’m not leaving any time soon!”

An early onset of winter means holiday lights may not be hung, roof gutters may go without being cleaned, and gardens may not be cleared until spring arrives. Thankfully, there are still winter preparation tasks that aren’t beyond your reach. One task, in particular, is extremely important with a bitter start to winter like this: insulating your pipes. As an added bonus, insulating your pipes can be conducted INDOORS! This is a simple step to take to avoid water damage restoration in your Philadelphia home or business.

Insulating pipes that are already indoors may seem redundant, but the closer your pipes are to outside walls, the greater the chance they could freeze. During a winter that promises to be as long as this one, the possibility of frozen pipes and water damage increases considerably.

Remember, it’s not the pipes that actually freeze—pipes already exist as a solid, after all—but the water within those pipes can reach the critical freezing temperature at which water becomes a solid. Water, being the unique molecule that it is, expands when it freezes, exerting pressure that typical pipes can’t withstand. So, the pipes can burst, and any unfrozen water is then free to cause all the water damage it possibly can.

Water damage is not pleasant. Water damage can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, carpets, drywall and wallets. Water damage is also extremely difficult to repair. To prevent water damage during this harsh winter, protect exposed pipes with insulating foam and be sure to run water frequently. If you plan on taking a long vacation to escape winter’s wrath, turn off the water main to your home and run all sinks until your pipes are empty.

In the event your home does experience water damage, you can trust the water damage restoration experts at ServiceMaster by ARTec. We are water damage professionals who possess the talent and tools necessary to help you recover from a burst pipe or flooded basement.

Take steps to protect your pipes during this difficult winter season, and know the water damage professionals at ServiceMaster by ARTec are just a phone call away.

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