The Delicate Art of Professional Water Removal in New Castle, DE

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When water makes its way into your New Castle, DE, residence, you may be tempted to simply drop a few towels in the area and move on with your life. Unfortunately, because water damage is quite challenging, towels are rarely a long-term solution. If water has made its way into your home, and you’re interested in preserving your floors, you need to turn to the professional water removal services from ServiceMaster by ARTec’s water damage restoration specialists.

Even a single water damage event like an overflowing dishwasher or bathtub can be enough to require professional drying and forgoing these commercial services can be bad news for your home flooring. Water seeps, sits, and expands, which can damage your floors (and the padding and surfaces beneath them) in a very short time. Water is also deceptively heavy; just a little too much water on your floors and you could be dealing with leaking and structural failures in no time flat. Once water gets in your home, it’s often difficult to chase out.

Water removal isn’t nearly as simple as you may think. Since you obviously can’t just tip your home upside down until all the water drains out, a variety of expert knowledge, machinery, and special water damage mitigation techniques must be employed to complete the drying process. Flooring may have to be lifted, and in some cases, removed entirely in order to effectively facilitate full water removal. A few towels and some open windows may seem adequate after small water damage events, but more often than not, water removal requires a bit more elbow grease from professionals.

Along with the many side effects that water damage can inflict on your home, standing water is another health and safety risk that no home owner should ignore. Even a small amount of water left unattended can grow and spread disease, or lead to infections and other health issues. If water damage has led to standing water in your home, immediately contact water damage restoration professionals.

If your New Castle, DE, home has been impacted by water damage, or if you need one-time water removal assistance, contact ServiceMaster by ARTec for additional information. Call us at (610) 626-9002 or visit our website here today!

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